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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 5, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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getting jobs. >> reporter: the unemployment rate fell to 7.8%. marking the first time it's been below 8% in his presidency. >> today's news is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to score a few political points. >> reporter: political points is exactly what mitt romney was going for while talking to voters in virginia. >> this president calls his policies going forward. i call his policies forewarned. >> reporter: romney said the unemployment rate fell because people gave up. >> when i'm president of the united states -- that, that unemployment rate is going to come down, not because people are giving up and dropping out of the workforce, but because we're creating more jobs. >> reporter: on social media, some conservatives accuse the obama administration of doctoring the jobs number. former general electric ceo jack welch wrote "unbelievable job numbers. the chicago guys will do anything. can't debate, so change the numbers. >> it's ludicrous to hear that kind of statement. >> reporter: secretary of labor denies any political motivations
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a saying the numbers are real. while romney launches tv ad as promising to do better than president obama. >> i have a detailed plan to create 12 million new jobs. >> reporter: obama is celebrating this report. >> this country has come too far to turn back now. >> reporter: a benchmark, he says, proves america is on the right track. economists say the number of new jobs being created is not enough to significantly lower the unemployment rate. the next jobs report comes out in four days before the election. reporting live on capitol hill, i'm danielle lee, news 4. >> our team coverage of the presidential election takes us to opposite cornerses of virginia. while governor romney was in coal country in abington, president obama was in fairfax. the president talked about more than just jobs today. >> hello, patriots. >> reporter: in a performing arts hall filled mostly with women, the jobs report wasn't all president obama wanted to talk about. women's health care was another focus and the president's
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defense of what even he now proudly calls obama care. >> i don't think a working mom in arlington should have to wait to get a mammogram because money is tight. i don't think a college student in fairfax or charlottesville should have to choose between textbooks or the preventive care she needs. that's why we passed this law. i'm proud of it. >> reporter: in contrast a shaky debate performance the president energetically jabbed back at his opponent, accusing mitt romney of misleading americans by promising to repeal obama care. >> and then his campaign had to come out and say, actually, that's not true or plan wouldn't do that. so, governor romney was fact checked by his own campaign. that's rough. that's rough. even they know his plan would take away coverage for tens of millions of americans. >> reporter: this supporter says
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health care reform is one reason she's sticking with the president. >> i am a breast cancer survivor and no one wants to insure me and thanks to obama care, it is okay to call it obama care now, you know i don't have to worry about it. >> reporter: supporters also say why they were initially a little worried, they are now happy to see the subject change to the unemployment drop. >> i think it's amazing. i think it's great. down to 7.8% and under 8% and we're making progress every day. >> i am very confident in the campaign. there is, there is nothing that i see that is negative about this campaign and i think it is moving forward. he's making sure that all of the people are covered. not some of the people. >> reporter: in fairfax, virginia, news 4. after romney left virginia this morning, he went to florida. you're looking now at the crowd waiting for him at an event in st. petersburg, a new poll out that shows the race is getting tighter in virginia.
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49% of likely voters there say they support governor romney and 48% for obama. the margin of airerror in that l is plus or minus 4.5%. two new cases of a deadly form of meningitis. the same strain that killed five people across the country. the number of cases is expected to keep growing, too. in virginia, nearly 630 people received contaminated spinal steroid injections that are now linked to this meningitis outbreak. this meningitis is not contagious, but it can take weeks to develop. >> this meningitis is a little bit different. it is caused by a fungus. it can take up to two months to develop and you'll have maybe low-grade fevers, slight headaches that slowly get worse over time and dizziness, nausea, vomiting. >> so far, there have been six cases of this meningitis in virginia, including one death. all of the cases in virginia have been in the southwestern
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part of the state. that's where two facilities were using the tainted medication, which was recalled by the manufacturer. nationally people in six states have now contracted the illness, that includes maryland. one of them has died. this weekend, controversial ad as at several of the stations. those ad as are from the american freedom defense initiative that suggests that radical islamists are savidges. a judge ruled today the ad as must be up by monday night. delayed putting them up last month after the violent response in the middle east to the video that disparaged the prophet muhammad. the ads will be displayed at the georgia avenue, tacoma park and glenmont stations. tonight, mayor vincent gray is dismissing a media report that says he has decided not to run for re-election. gray is only halfway through his first turchl. but he's been under a federal
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investigation for election fraud for more than a year now. tom sherwood here with more on the story. >> there has been no charges against gray and no indication he's ready to quit. a job he loves. >> mayor vincent gray is doing exactly what he and his lawyer thinks he should be doing. being mayor. under federal investigation for more than a year with his 2010 campaign for mayor, gray mostly turns aside media questions and as others prepare in case gray leaves office. gray dismissed a brief media report friday that he's already decided not to seek re-election in 2014. >> that's the decision i have to make. i'm not even halfway through my term. let's continue doing what i'm doing. thank you. >> reporter: or council member jack evans appearing on the politics hour friday told patrick madden, he will run if
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gray doesn't or is forced from office. >> if gray does not run, are you definitely running for mayor? >> yes. if gray does not run, i will definitely run for mayor. >> reporter: but evans sharply disputed the media tweet that gray wouldn't seek re-election. >> i can't put words in the mayor's mouth, but i would be hard pressed to believe that the mayor said anything about running, again. regardless of your situation, put yourself in a lame duck status and he's a good politician, he wouldn't do that. we have to wait and see what happens. >> reporter: reporters press gray for any hint of his intention. >> are you going to run, are you going to run? >> good morning. >> is this based on somebody's opinion i was quoted today in a story? >> yes. >> i don't know where they get their opinion from. >> are you going to run, again? >> that isn't even an issue. i'm not even halfway through my term at this point. this is the discussion. >> not make any political and gray signal his intentions and he has to deal with the council
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members and community groups and they all think he's a lame duck and one foot out the door. they would ignore him. >> you were on the show this morning? >> discuss the subject. >> thank you, tom. if you got outside and made the most of this nice weather today, we have big changes coming over the weekend. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson has more on what's happening out there. >> hey, doreen. that is for sure. you know, today was one of those days where i really hope you took it all in and maybe got a walk or jog in because we did hit 80 degrees today and i think the last 80 degree day in quite some time now. but, stellar. that was the day today. and look at outside right now. we still have gorgeous weather out there with mostly clear sky as the sun gets ready to dough down. we're talking about nice conditions here for your evening between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. we'll fall down to the upper 60s
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to low 70s and great start to the day tomorrow and this weekend, oh, the changes that we're going to see coming. this will be the biggest thing to happen weather wise in months. the details coming up. coming up, syria undersiege. new fallout from the attack on a turkish town. the brother of a sniper victim talks about his family's fears in the midst of the attacks. >> we're very specific with him and asked him to use his vacation time and come home until things calm down. >> pete william from nbc news has a look at why ten years ago dean myers never thought he'd be a target. tyson corner dealing with a lot of changes and now another one. a special reunion for a little girl who was willing to give up her piggy bank for the return of her stolen dog.
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syrian military released its most intense artillery strikes in months. both those cities are considered opposition resistance.
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observers say the new suggest that the syrian government is trying to break through a stalemate that lasted in those areas for months. in the meantime, tensions flaired today. no one was injured this time, but a similar incident on wednesday killed five people. the turkish prime minister warned the syrian government today not to test turkey's limits. an american student accused of killing a hotel worker in israel is dead after being shot by israeli soldiers. it happened today at a resort town on the red sea. the american is a 23-year-old man from new york. he worked at the israeli hotel until about three days ago. a man he shot was a former co-worker. witnesses say the two had been arguing. no one else in the busy hotel was hurt. israeli police quickly ruled out terrorism as a motive. student protests over italy today turned violent. police in riot gear confronted
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demonstrators and five students were injured in taurino. that's according to italian news report. one student is in a hospital with injuries to his face. six police officers were injured by rome by students throwing rocks. in milan students wore helmets and threw shields. they are upset about the cuts in education. we are marking a grim milestone this week. dean herald mimyers was killed on october 9th, 2002. he was the seventh person killed during the attacks. his family lives outside the area and they were worried about his safety, but myers downplayed their concerns. pete williams joins us now with more from the myers family. pete? >> jim, doreen, we talked to bob myers who is his brother and we asked a question we haven't heard much about. when the sniper shooting started
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here on october 2nd, whether he ever talked to his brother, a civil engineer who lived in the washington area about them and whether they were concerned for his brother, here's what he said. >> we were very specific. we, when we saw the pattern of unexplained murders and they kept happening, we were very specific with him and asked him to use his vacation time and come home until things calmed down down there. and his comment was, well, it's millions of people down here, why would they get me? >> it was four days later that bob myers was watching the local news and saw that there had been another attack. he told us that he thought at the time, boy, there is some other family that is now going to have to deal with this and about 5:00 the next morning his nephew came to the door and said, well, they got dean. now, you saw him holding a wrist watch. he still has the watch his brother was wearing when he was
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shot at the sunoco station it stopped at the very second when dean myers hit the ground. so, for bob myers, he says he's trying to get his life back together. but for part of him, ten years ago, time stopped. >> a terrible time for all of us and nobody at the time who lived here at the time will ever forget. you have a full report coming up on "nightly on the weekend." rumbling and shaking in europe's tallest active volcano. mt. etna has seen a slight increase in what they call volcanic shaking. they say they're not predicting an eruption there. the volcano had several small eruptions including one that closed an airport there back in january. >> interesting to watch from a distance. >> exactly. gorgeous. gorgeous weather for us today. >> absolutely. we're about ready to have cold fingertips around here. we will see the biggest change
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or thing happening in our weather in months. that's a big drop in the mercury coming our way for the weekend. you want to get ready. this is like glove weather we're talking about for sunday night and monday morning. i know. out there right now, we've got some sun as it gets ready to set. 83 degrees was your high temperature today. the low 61. and the average high, 72 degrees and, as we did hit 80 degrees or less, 80 degree day was or at least i should say since the year 2000 our latest 80 degree day was on the 24th of october, the year 2001. i do believe that this is it for us now because pattern is going to change and we've got nothing but 60s and 70s now coming up over the next few days. 79 degrees right now. reagan national airport, the wind still out of the southwest. but we will be seeing the wind shift, too, coming our way for the weekend with some colder air coming down from right here. you can see the big split. here is the warm, still,
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pennsylvania, kentucky, down through the south. here's the cold. areas of the midwest and northern plains. 50 degrees chicago, st. louis at 46 degrees right now and, again, that's what's going to continue to make its way down to the south. saturday it will hit areas like cincinnati and cleveland and then into paducah, kentucky and towards little rock and ending the growing season in a lot of areas. then it makes its move on a sunday. still with some precipitation around. i would not be surprised if the higher elevations of western maryland and west virginia may see a few wet snowflakes starting to mix in as that temperature goes from 55 on sunday to the 30s. that's right. 30s sunday night and monday morning. that's what's coming this way. we'll track this line of showers and there's even a few embedded thunderstorms, but really not expecting any big thunderstorms around here on saturday. that's what is going to be moving in behind that cold front is what is going to allow our temperatures to really drop.
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at least for right now, a gorgeous sky out there on satellite. no cloud cover or very few clouds. we're going to see clouds increase by the time we get to late morning around 9:00, 10:00 a.m. and by the noon hour tomorrow we're mostly cloudy. so, at least nice with a great start to the day tomorrow. upper 50s to low 60s. not too bad. but, here's the front. watch the showers coming through. not a lot for tomorrow. only a 30% chance and really during the afternoon, our best chance for seeing any rain activity around here will clear out briefly behind that front and then clouds are back with this area of low pressure that will be making its way from the carolinas northeastward and for us that means some rain back in the meantime and sunday a few showers and more rain expected for the afternoon and even for the early evening hours. gaithersburg down towards culpeper and by monday morning, we clear out and without the clouds, that will give temperatures a chance to really
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drop off. again, into the 30s by monday morning. so, if your evening, we're clear, comfortable. drop from 70 to 63 and by tomorrow morning, a great start, i think, 54 to 62 and your sunrise tomorrow at a 7:09. that sunrise, of course, getting later and later with our sunsets coming earlier. closer to fall-like weather tomorrow. 72 to 78 dedproes. i think that tomorrow, too, a little breezy during the afternoon, but just some brief showers that we'll have around the area from 78 to 55 on sunday. and then we've got highs in the low and mid-60s for the most part next week. could have a little bit of rain by around mid-week. but sunday, oh, sunday is still looking like an inside day with a lot of clouds and showers around. >> and gloves. >> right. >> first mention of those in a long time. >> right. >> all right, thanks, veronica. coming up, an american speed skating scandal. find out what one athlete did to sabotage a rival.
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murray, the missing dog. but this is more than a lost dog story. it's about a confrontation. and an assault that got sexual. i'm pat collins, the story coming up news 4. coming up in sports, the cardinals and braves have to fight it out to be able to face the nats. the orioles are not phased by the pressure of the win or go home wildcard game tonight. while the redskins will try to help the fans do something at fedex field. they have not been able to do in more than a year and that's more th[ male announcer ]'s for the dreamers...
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a developing story now. three-mile stretch of interstate 75 down in florida has been shut down because of a chain reaction crash. 47 vehicles were involved. that pileup happened on an a
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overpass in sarasota county. the florida highway patrol says 52 people were injured. roughly 20 of them were taken to hospitals. three people were air alifted for treatment and none of those injuries, though, is expected to be life threatening. no word yet on just what caused that crash. right now, there is a desperate search under way for a dog that disappeared during a brazen attack in northeast d.c. >> a man attacked a woman this morning while she was out walking three dogs and as pat collins reports, during the assault, one of the dogs disappeared. >> reporter: this is a story a about murray, a beagle mix and beth. that's beth walking her two dogs, spike and rocsi. murray's not here. murray belongs to a friend. murray is missing, but not just a lost dog story. the is a story a about a
6:26 pm
confrontation and an assault that got sexual. >> he started grabbing me in sexual places and dragging me around on the street. he actually bruised my arm. >> reporter: it happened this morning in the 600 block of i street northeast. beth is walking her two dogs and murray. a jogger comes behind them. murray starts barking. the jogger starts screaming, he claims murray bit him. murray pulls out of his collar and starts running up sixth street. the jogger, that angry jogger right on his tail. >> he's yelling at me, i'm going to get that dog. what is your phone number? tell me your phone number. >> reporter: the chase ends up here at sixth and l. street northeast. murray goes that way and the angry jogger right behind. he picked up a metal fender from a bicycle and he was going to hit the dog with it, but murray, murray disappeared. at that point, the jogger turns his attention to beth. and it gets ugly. it gets violent. and it happens right underneath
6:27 pm
this crime camera. >> finally, i started yelling, help, help, please, help. someone help me and that was the point at which he finally backed off and went away. >> reporter: beth says he's more concerned about finding murray than she is about finding that angry jogger. >> people keep asking me how i am and i say, i'm fine. don't worry about me, i want to find murray. >> reporter: beth has set up a facebook page to find murray. you can find the link at in northeast, i'm pat collins, new 4z. nbc news has learned that the death on tuesday of a u.s. border agent in arizona was the result of friendly fire. officials are expected to reveal that finding later this evening. both state and federal investigators believe that nicholas ivy was accidentally shot by other agents who reported to the same scene. there is a shiny space-age
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design for metro's 400 new rail cars. this is a full-scale model that is now on metro property. the 7000 series car comes with new safety features and l.e.d. screens. engineers will check it out before they go into full production. the $886 million price tag is the biggest investment in the fleet in metro history. people in fairfax county are having trouble paying their personal property taxes online. the website that accepts the payments keeps crashing. the bigger problem is those taxes are due today. a message on the site says try again later. the county says people who missed the midnight deadline still will be charged late fees, even if they try to pay online. another option, they say, just mail it in. as long as it is postmarked october 5th, it will be considered on time. tysons corner is now just tysons. the name change is unofficial, but with the new urban
6:29 pm
developments and a new metro line, county leaders just think it sounds better. keith russell talked to some residents who aren't really buying it. dropping the word corner from the name tysons corner. is that just change for the namesic of change? >> i don't really see the point. it seems like a waste of time. and money and resources. >> i tell them instead of focus on the name change, maybe getting more parks in place and maybe trying to figure out how to work with the communities and try to fix the traffic issues. a lot more on the table than changing the name. reporter: sharon, chairman of the fairfax county board of supervisors see the change as a way of describing a big tranformation and an area known for great shopping and being home in the future to 100,000 residents and 200,000 workers with four new metro silver line stations. >> no longer is it a little sleepy crossroads and it's more than a tysons corner shopping center.
6:30 pm
tysons is going to be an exciting downtown. it's going to be hip and it's going to be modern and be a place where people of all ages are going to want to live, work, play. >> reporter: as always, changes to any area with a long-standing history and reputation have two schools of thought. those who feel they are the fabric of the community and desire to keep every stitch of that fabric in place. >> a lot of rookies come into the area. they don't know tysons corner, but it's been tysons corner forever, why change it? no need. stupid. those who for one reason or another don't have an emotional connection strong enough to care. >> i'll be fine with it. >> reporter: the change is unofficial, just because the county refers to it as tysons doesn't mean they expect you to. the ability to see things in different ways, that's the name of the game. and fairfax county a, keith russell, news 4. a guilty verdict tonight for the seoole survivor in a fiery wreck in chevy chase last month.
6:31 pm
two misdemeanor charges including the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, but jurors were mrit on more serious car threat charges. the car that burst into flames back in march was stolen. the crash killed everyone inside the crash except for richardson. defense lawyers accuse -- in a separate civil suit richardson is suing police for $10 million. in prince george's county today leaders broke ground on a new police station. the site will be home to the new seventh district station in ft. washington. this is a rendering of what the station will eventually look like. police say the new station will help improve response times with the fastest growing southern part of the county a. the station is expected to open in the fall of 2014. today a little girl from front royal, virginia, is spending her first day with her new dog. but those two will share every day together from now on. it is a service dog who will carry the oxygen that the child
6:32 pm
needs to survive. richard jordan explains how the girl was matched with her constant companion. >> reporter: noel michaels can barely wrap her arm as around her new dog tight enough. the 4-year-old was born with a chronic lung disease, a primi who arrived before her lungs could fully develop and now she's constantly tied to an oxygen tank. but noel won't have to lug this te ten-pound tank alone. >> we're add agnew family member to our home. that's what today is all about. >> reporter: monte is following the paw prints of mr. gibbs. >> this georgia girl with a similar lung condition and her service dog were on the "today" show. that segment inspired noel's mother to find the same help for her daughter. the michaels did some research and with donations, they collected $10,000 to get their own service dog.
6:33 pm
monte came from north star, the foundation typically provides dogs to autistic kids. but they took the challenge to match noel and monte. >> that a girl. >> reporter: monte was trained just for noel. >> tell me what you think about your dog? >> good. >> reporter: it's good? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you like him? >> yeah. >> reporter: the golden retriever just like the dog on "today" show will carry the oxygen in a custom vest. noel and monte will do everything together. monte will go to school and the playground. >> it will be the line, the tanks and then they can go down the slide together. it will be fun to see. >> reporter: but the michaels hope the new dog won't be their daughter's only new friend. >> a lot of times we find that kids are apprehensive to come up to her because of the big tank and because she's always with an adult and i really think that the dog will, you know, facilitate more kids coming over and talking to her and kind of be a bridge between the two. >> reporter: in northwest, washington, richard jordan, news 4.
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a unique job fair in fairfax county today. it was exclusively for veterans. the fairfax county chamber of commerce hired a symposium to help veterans transition into new jobs. veterans don't often think they have the skills for typical leadership positions but, in reality, they're well suited for careers and the private sector. >> they sell themselves short sometimes because they have leadership skills and team building exercises and ability to work together and accomplish the mission, but, that's a tremendous confidence that they're going to have to come into a company. >> the sim posium encourages local businesses many of which are government workers which are hiring programs. in an hour and a half a section of downtown d.c. will close and make room for this weekend. ninth street through 14th street will be blocked off from e.
6:35 pm
street to constitution and pennsylvania avenues. 50 restaurants are taking part in the event that runs through monday. those streets will reopen in time for the morning commute on tuesday. coming up on news 4. dreams come true for a determined girl willing to give up her piggy bank to the crooks who stole her dog. and an olympic athlete trained in our backyard and now he admits to sabotage. and our weather. >> oh, after a fantastic day. we've got a nice, comfortable evening. look at the temperatures out there right now. they are in the 70s to around 81 degrees in d.c. through the morning forecast for germantown because it is a big octoberfest. we'll drop down to 70 by 11:00 and start your day at 61. much colder air and much, much much colder air and much, much colder air headed oure.
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there was a scandal in the world of professional speed skating. a u.s. skater admits he tampered with the skates of a competitor act aing on the orders of his coach. simon cho is a u.s. bronze medalist from vancouver olympics. he tampered with the skates prior to the world short trek championships in poland. the broken skate kept him out of the competition. his coach chun directed him to damage the skate. the coach is currently on leave during the investigation. little girl in california who off aered her entire piggy bank to whoever stole her puppy now has her dog back. a yorky mix stolen from the child's home from san jose on monday. the girl is 10 years old and so very upset about her puppy that she started her own reward fund. firefighters and police chipped in $6,000 to help her. a woman found the dog on
6:40 pm
wednesday at a store 80 miles away. the girl and the dog were reunited yesterday. the girl and her family thanked all of those who helped. >> thank you to everybody who made, who made this happen. >> when a community stands together and good people do this, great things can happen. absolutely. you've made an a amazing ending. i couldn't ask for anything better. >> the little girl hugged the woman who found the dog. that woman did not accept the money from her piggy bank. we don't know just how much was in that piggy bank. but it doesn't really matter, does it? >> that's her reward to see that little girl so happy. what are you working on? >> that's the kind of story i like, the feel good and now we have decision 2012. redskins nationals game. what are we going to do? the redskins trying to take advantage of their home field on sunday.
6:41 pm
the cardinals and braves duking it out in atlanta right now and the nats waiting to see how that one turns out while the orioles are ready to take on the rangers
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6:44 pm
sunshine and warm today. nothing like what we're going to see on sunday. so, i bring you this beautiful picture would be nice to have this to look at, too, on sunday. this was sent in from bill folsom. he was out taking going to about 65 to 70 and then tomorrow morning into the upper 50s to low 60s and even though this is a little cool, cooler than what we've seen, these readings will not have anything on what our high temperature will be like on sunday. here's the deal, we have clouds coming in for tomorrow morning, some showers coming through. here is about a 20% to 30% chance for tomorrow afternoon.
6:45 pm
so, not a big chance of rain. we get most of our rain on sunday. it will spread through with an area of low pressure and then just down right cold as we see the numbers drop on into the 30s by the time we get to monday morning and below average just about all of next week. at some point on sunday, we could have us a delicious dilemma, where do we switch? >> have to have two tvs, i guess. >> i have a theory, add to your to-do list. the only way to go. the washington nationals are anxiously awaiting the final out in the cards/braves game. the players had a private workout today at nats park. they will finalize their travel plans in a couple of hours and take off for the playoffs in the morning. where are they heading? it's either st. louis or
6:46 pm
atlanta. those two in a winner take all battle as we speak. chipper jones, he's at turner field. he's hanging it up after 20 seasons in the bigs trying to fine some playoff wins. first, bottom two, we're scoreless. one on for david ross. he crushes this one to deep left and a two-run shot. braves up 2-0. turner field going crazy. and now fourth inning. tied at 2-2. we're going to skip to when david frees is at the plate. you know what he likes to do. get your weekend planner out. here's another look. two day games to start the series, but take note on sunday, game one, the first pitch at 3:00 p.m. right in the middle of a little something we like to call the redskins football game.
6:47 pm
again, might want to plan for that now. the baltimore orioles are making their first playoff appearance in 15 years. tonight, o is taking on the rangers in a one-game showdown. baseball players are not used to this one and done stuff. it's a whole new ball game. for the wildcards. not just the birds, but the o's sound like they know what to expect. >> so, it's a different mindset for players. that they haven't had all year. you know, and that's why it's important to be in that let her rip mode and not be anything timid about it because the frustration would be going home after a game and going, i wish i would have been a little more aggressive. >> elimination game, it's game seven. you give everything you have for as long as you have. you know, that's what i'm going to go do and you just pray and hope that that is enough so we can take this thing back to baltimore for the division series. that's what we're all shooting for. >> if they take care of business
6:48 pm
tonight, i should say, after they take care of business tonight, the orioles will come back to host the yankees for the alds starting on monday. home field has not had its advantages for the washington redskins. skins have been winless at fedex field since week two of last year. that's seven straight losses at home. you can see the frustration on their long and painted faces. the last time the burgundy and gold fans celebrated at home september 18th, 2011 a win over the cardinals and this season the only team they hosted so far, the bengals. we all know how that turned out. now, the falcons coming to town and the current squad is going to turn those frowns upside down. >> your home field is your home field. you have to take pride in protecting it and i think, you know, the good teams win at home. they win on the road, as well, which we have done. we definitely have to win at home. our fans deserve it, so, we're going to go out and look out to make sure we come away with a w. >> it's hard to win road games in the nfl.
6:49 pm
ia definitely want to take advantage of your home field and advantage, we have great fans. it's a great stadium and great place to play in. so, we need to win those games. we have our crowd behind us and, you know, just because it is so hard to win on the road that you should almost put your home games in the bank. >> rg3 fans liked what they had to say. thursday night football. cardinals visiting the rams and this one got started early. sam bradford and lets it fly and danny comes up with the great catch, 44 yards on the play. sets up a rams touchdown and amadola went down later with what was feared to be a broken collar bone. update, it's not, separated joint. rams up 10-3, bradford not letting up and drops back and gets to chris givens a 51-yard touchdown strike. st. louis up 17-3. under two minutes. cardinals trying to come back. kevin cobb, oh, he's being pressured and he loses the football and st. louis recovers
6:50 pm
and robert quinn comes up with his third sack of the game as the rams hand the cardinals their first loss of the season. 17-3 the final. finally, the most decorated swimmer of all time, might be better at golf. michael phelps was playing in a proam in scotland today when he made the most amazing putt many have ever seen. for those who think i'm overstating it, we have the video to prove it. he was playing on a course called kings barn sitting about 50 yards from the cup. he decided to use his putter and roll it and he just rolled it right -- >> rolled it. and rolled it. and rolled it. talk amongst yourselves, folks. >> 159 feet! >> wow. >> he immediately said, this is easy this game. and maybe the longest televised putt in history. >> all right. >> 50-yard putt. that was the longest putt i've ever hit. so, it was pretty incredible and
6:51 pm
i was watching it die in. it was a pretty cool feeling. >> what do you think? >> part of his plan the whole time. >> i think that guarantees that he'll be hooked on golf now forever. >> he's scheduled to be on the hank hani project. the golf show next year. i think he's been working with him a little bit. cheating already. >> okay. >> fun to watch. coming up, a special sing along for the record books. and for all your news, we invite you to follow news 4 online, research nbc washington on both facebook and on twitter.
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♪ yeah, this is going to make sense when we tell you what is going on there. beatle fans set a guinness world record today. more than 1,600 people sang "love me do" in liverpool, england. they did it for the 50th anniversary of the songs released. the previous world record was set just last year in chicago when about 900 people sang for
6:55 pm
the 25th anniversary of the movie "ferris bueller's day off." >> how long will that song stay in our head? >> all night. >> the one everybody is dancing -- >> don't do it. >> she did it. been hard to get out of my head lately. just thought i would share the song. >> thanks. let's take a look and see what's going on this evening. very, very nice sunset. look at that, isn't that pretty? >> spectacular. >> let's go ahead and bottle this. i wish we could bottle what it looks like and feels like. so nice. in the 70s throughout much of the area and drop to the low 60s by tomorrow morning. great start for the day tomorrow. see clouds quickly moving into our area and talking about a 25 to 30 degree temperature drop from where the afternoon was today. 55 degrees on sunday. just crazy, right?
6:56 pm
yeah. and early morning, monday, in the 30s same thing on tuesday. we have two really cold mornings coming up, too. >> we'll be ready. >> thanks, veronica. >> thank you. there are, in fact, some of us whose lives would have taken a significantly different path were it not for somebody who straightened us out. somebody who intervened. somebody who didn't have to care, but did. somebody who gave us something invaluable, even and especially when we didn't even know we needed it or wanted it. for hundreds of black youngsters in d.c., that somebody is and has been mary brown. she runs an operation out of a building called life pieces, master pieces. what mary and her staff do is give young black boys from a really hard neighborhood a place to be loved. and an opportunity to grow, to discover and to realize something other than the gang banger life which to so many is almost the only option. and she does it with art. an a example of how it works.
6:57 pm
i was there some years ago right after they opened. one of the kids came in one day, he was only 10 or 11 and he had a black eye. he had some pokeman cards and another boy took them and punched him in the eye and the boy's plan was to get a gun and shoot the bigger kid who had humiliated him. what happened instead is after the staff told him what a bad decision the gun was, they gave him an alternative. they gave him some paint brushes and instructions on how to put his embarrassment and paint on canva canvass. his classmates helped him. they got in a circle and celebrated the kid who created a master piece instead of committed murder. i have that painting. it is among my most cherished possessions. last night mary and the staff celebrated 16 years, as their website says, turning challenges into possibilities. many of the kids' painting is are on exhibit and for sale at the pepco gallery. we encourage you, everybody, go
6:58 pm
down and take a look. you'll love what you see. and take one home. you'll love what you do and they'll love you for it. >> it's impressive that that >> it's[ male announcer ]hat for the dreamers... and those well grounded.
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